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Q:-  Are Thomas Brown and Sons privately owned?

A:-  Yes Robbie Brown is the 5th generation of “Brown” to run the Business and

        is joined with his wife Jacqueline who is also a company director.


Q:- Are Thomas Brown & Sons members of any trade associations?

A:- Yes for Funeral Directing we are members of SAIF and abide by their code

      of practice

       For memorial masonry we are members of NAMM and carry out all works

       as per regulated by them


Q:- How much will a funeral cost?

 A:- A very basic cremation can cost £1,400 plus the crematorium fees

       A traditional cremation service can cost £2,105 plus the crematorium fees

       A Burial service can cost £2,295.00 plus interment fees and ground

          purchase if applicable

* prices include all funeral directors services and coffin

* Prices are available and estimate are always given


Q:- Where will my family member be kept prior to the funeral?

A:- At our funeral home in Melrose, we have full facilities and trained staff who

      will care for the deceased prior to the funeral


Q:- What can I dress my family member in?

A:- Anything you wish but consideration for certain items for cremation must be given


Q:- Can a humanist include hymns during a service?

A:- No


Q:-How long will it be before we can get the ashes back after a cremation?

A:- Normally within two days, we can collect the ashes for you and keep them with us until such times you wish to collect them, all ashes are returned to families in scatter tubes unless they have to be interred where oak caskets or biodegradable caskets are used


Q:- How long do I need to wait before erecting a memorial stone on a grave?

A:- Memorials can be placed on graves almost immediately, Scottish Borders Council lay the foundation ( cost included in ground purchase)

* All memorials are ordered individually and can take between six to twelve weeks to arrive


Q:- When is the last time I can place an announcement in the local papers?

A:- Border Telegraph- up to 10am on the Tuesday before the weekly publication on Wednesday

      Southern Reporter- up to 10am on the Wednesday before the weekly publication on Thursday

* These are the newspapers times, we need at least two hours notice to type, send and proof read proposed announcements

* Christmas and New Year publication dates and times change